“I wish that time would stand still and that I’ll be kissed by every moment in time”
(Emile Cioran)

The Jewels

Each Jewel is formed where an Alchemy of Metals and Pearls, the physical and the Spiritual meet and a transformation of low consciousness into high consciousness occurs. Each jewel presents a still moment in time that has been kissed from above.

I offer you this gift, and by that you are loved!

The Jeweller

My name is Zohar Edelshtein Budde. I was born, raised and educated in Israel. I have a Bsc in Biochemistry and Food science and Msc in Environmental Microbiology. My most desired subjects were molecular biology and virology. I have found the mechanisms of nature to be most wondrous in their precision and sophistication. The mind blowing connection presented between microbes, unit cells and chemical molecules, was my first impression, there must be something greater, then we can perceive.

Once I was done with my studies, I went traveling in India, where I received the distinct feeling I must go through a profound change. Little did I know, I was embarking on a life long journey that has transformed me as a human being.

In India, I discovered the satellites of life and meditations as well as other practices, made hidden talents emerge.

From India, I moved on to Australia, where I have met my life partner 3 days after I have landed!

The challenging part of my journey, began once giving birth. Each birth took me through a deep cleansing process that has changed me forever. After my 2nd birth, I have stayed wakeful for 3 months! This experience taught me much of my resilience, however at the time, it put my brain under such extreme duress, that I became a lonesome shadow of myself, struggling with terrible pain every wakeful moment.

Art has become my refuge. I worked on canvases with Hebrew scriptures, wires and paint. Expressing my ever evolving internal states, unaware at the time to the process in hand. Bit by Bit, The shattered pieces have gathered a new. What felt like, each molecule at a time, was infused with mercy. Each painful experience held in a soft embrace, where by a rewiring of my brain and nerve system occurred and a new reality started to form.

One day, I have asked to be guided into bringing my talents into the world. The very next morning, I made my first necklace out of wires I have unravelled from a huge canvas I was working on. That was indeed the beginning of my jewellery work and the practice of rewiring of consciousness. 6 months later, I would wake up one morning to the knowing it was my childhood memory to become a jeweller.

I feel most fortunate to have gone through this transformation. As tantalising as it has been, I emerged as a connected being. In my creations, I offer you insights into to my soul.

I give you this gift and by that you are loved!